Netflix announced that November 6th will officially be Stranger Things Day, but what exactly does that mean?

We don't know what the day will bring, but we do know why November 6th was chosen as Stranger Things Day.

November 6th 1983 is the day that Will went missing and the entire Stranger Things phenomenon started.

The promo video that Netflix released to tease the day features clips from both seasons along with some fan work.

I would guess that Netflix will use the day to unveil an official Stranger Things Season 3 trailer, but nothing has been confirmed yet. At very least they will probably put an official release day for the third season.

The fact that it is also voting day was not lost on fans or show creators.

My family is one of the many that are eagerly anticipating the third season. Both of my kids love the show, and the nostalgic 80's feel always makes for hilarious explanations of why my wife and I are laughing at a joke they missed.

The only thing I worry about is if they waited too long to bring out the next season. I know my family is already on to the next show (House On Haunted Hill) and I've seen this play out before.

The long delay in between seasons of A Series of Unfortunate Events lead to us not watching a show that we all loved.

Do you think Stranger Things fans have the patience to wait another 6 months before a new episode?

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