Wow, Snoke got hot.

Just kidding. He looks just as upsetting as he did in The Force Awakens, just better lit. A new batch of probably leaked photos from Star Wars: The Last Jedi hit the internet today, and while Luke and Rey look cool, and Kylo Ren has some neat poses, and I want Phasma to punch me in the face, everyone lost their minds over Supreme Leader Snoke, a.k.a. that giant hologram with a dent in his head who Ren and Hux talked to a lot in The Force Awakens.

Don’t get me wrong, Luke does look extremely awesome, and if he’d been my college Force Studies professor I would have never skipped a class.

Kylo Ren has the poses down, but the smize needs some work.

Rey looks flawless, as usual. She can also punch me in the face anytime she wants.

Extremely Han Solo of you, Finn.

Fingers crossed for a lot more Phasma this time around.

WHAT. These guys look GREAT.

And now, the piece de resistance:

This is, obviously, an artist’s rendering of the character, but he’s a lot more visible than he was in that dimly-lit hologram room. And he’s wearing some nice clothes! Does this mean we’ll get to see Snoke in the flesh this time? We do know that he’s not actually that huge of a dude, although he is tall, and there was a rumor going around that he’d manifest in practical effects in The Last Jedi — essentially, he’s be a tall man-sized puppet operated by several other, less-tall people.

The Last Jedi hits theaters December 15. While you wait, look at the porgs again.

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