Swae Lee is having to defend himself against differing opinions with Joe Budden over the Rae Sremmurd rapper's new Drake collab "Won't Be Late".

The new track was released on Aug. 16 and looks to be the lead single off Swae's upcoming solo LP, and features the two artists rhyming over an Afrobeat bop. He also released the solo single "Sextasy" the same day.

Last week, Budden shot down the single on his podcast saying it was reminiscent of "Unforgettable."

"I cannot believe these niggas gave us an Afrobeat," Budden said. "If there's two people that know that we don't any anymore Afrobeats from them, it's [Swae and Drake]."

Budden didn't stop there. "Now people think that I'm just the contrarian guy," he added. "It's not a good record. Are we in 2015? When did Drake's fuckin' Afrobeats record come out?...This is pure laziness."

After catching wind of the comments, Swae spoke up about the Jersey rapper's opinion on Wednesday (Aug. 21) on Twitter.

"Everyone has an opinion...unfortunately every opinion isn’t credible, and some just don’t hold any weight, don’t let someone’s small-minded opinion influence yours," he posted.

Joe didn't let the response go unnoticed and replied on the latest episode of his podcast.

"We all like Swae Lee," he started. "So then shut the fuck up, Swae Lee. We only don't love you when you ain't informed and then you start clappin' back at some niggas that's doing their fuckin' job, the way you doin' your job. I don't have to love every fuckin' Swae Lee song. Hey, the record could work. It could be a huge hit, huge success, and some niggas could still not like it. That's OK. I'm so sick of this era of the sensitive artist. Shut the fuck up."

On Saturday (Aug. 24), Swae took it even further and hopped on Instagram Live where he went off on Joe for a few minutes.

"I know it's your job to comment on other people's lives and other people's success and other people's business and other people's craft. That's your job to comment on other people's shit," Swae said. "You ain't laying no verses. You ain't dropped a single in centuries."

He then directed Joe to give the song another try.

"Go listen to 'em again. Go listen to 'em five times if you need to," he said. "However long it take you to catch a vibe on them. You might be a little slow. You used to that old head music, all that old shit."

Check out Swae's diatribe below.

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