While T.I. was chatting with 21 Savage about fatherhood and raising daughters on an episode of his Expeditiously podcast, which aired on Nov. 28 on the official site and on YouTube Thursday (Dec. 17), the Atlanta rhymer called his quality time with his daughters “thot prevention hours.” This was in response to 21 revealing that he’s more overprotective of his daughter than his son.

“Because sons can’t get pregnant,” T.I. said around the 1:07:00 mark. “You can’t keep her from running into one of them niggas. Me and Lil Duval call it thot prevention hours. Keep your daughter off the pole. You spending time going to daddy-daughter dances and taking her on trips where it’s just you and her, those are thot prevention hours.”

Tip added that it’s vital for fathers to spend as much time with their daughters as possible.

“You don’t do that, they’re gonna be somewhere in Magic City tryna figure it out. That is absolutely necessary for any father," he said. "If you ain’t putting in your thot prevention hours and your daughter end up a dancer, don’t blame her now. You did not set an example. You did not show what the fuck it was that she should be doing versus what she’s doing.”

Of course, T.I.'s comments didn't sit well with a lot of women on Twitter. Many felt the "Whatever You Like" rapper was being hypocritical and extremely obsessive with his daughters' sex lives.

"His obsession with his daughters sex life is so uncomfortable, like WHY does he keep talking about sex and his daughter," wrote one user.

Another person tweeted, "1. Your son can get someone pregnant, so you wouldn’t hold him accountable? or is it that you support him abandoning a child 2. Acknowledge the way you treat your wife before trying to have “thot prevention hours” 3. You’re disgustingly obsessed w/ your daughters sex life."

However, there are some people who support T.I.'s parenting skills and being protective over his daughters.

"Are people really mad that T.I. said him spending time with his daughters are thot prevention hours?! How is that him calling his daughters thots? He said spending time with them is his way of preventing them of becoming that.. mfs love to be mad about somethin," wrote a supporter.

Last year, T.I. was slammed when he revealed that he goes to his daughter Deyjah’s gynecologist appointments to make sure that she is still a virgin. He would later apologize for his misogynistic comments and embarrassing his daughter. "I was wrong. I am willing to accept full accountability, one hundred percent, for everything I may have said that shouldn't have been said," he stated.

You can read more reactions to T.I.'s comments and watch T.I.'s interview with 21 Savage below.

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