T-Pain has found a new way to make some extra money off of auto-tune.

He is marketing two new 'I Am T-Pain' items, one for the iPhone and the other is an actual microphone.

Check out other artists reactions to the 'I Am T-Pain' app!

It's crazy how many people dog T-Pain over his auto-tune.  He even talks about it with Yahoo and took a second to defend himself.

"It's hard to pull off. Because it was made to correct bad notes and stuff, of course people say you just slap it on your voice and anyone who's tone-deaf can make a half-decent song. The crazy thing is there's always a song on my albums with no auto-tune and those are always the songs that go overlooked."

Say what you want about T-Pain, he will go down as one of my favorite artists.  If not for his musical ability, then definitely for the fact that he is one of the funniest people alive.

Watch him try to get other artists to check out his iPhone app.

I think he should use that as the official commercial, because the ad for his microphone is a little cheesy.