I never saw this coming but Taco Bell may sell their Waffle Taco at locations across the country really soon.  I am not a huge fast food diner but this seems like it could do well. 

With the success of the Doritos Taco, things are looking good for the test department.  In May of 2013, Taco Bell launched the Waffle Taco in five  Southern California cities.  The response has been successful for their breakfast menu.

As of Thursday, an announcement was released saying the successful breakfast Waffle Taco will appearing more locations.  If you're wondering what a Waffle Taco is,it is basically a folded waffle with sausage and egg in the middle.  Sound legit right?

It is unclear when the fast food chain will fully launch this breakfast treat here in Michigan.  If the success continues, I think the Waffle Taco will be in Flint by this time next year.  I want to hear from you, would you eat the Waffle Taco for breakfast from Taco Bell?  Leave your response in the comment section below.

via Gawker