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Lady Hits Downtown Flint Parking Meter [Video]
Well it only took a few weeks, but RIP to a Downtown Flint parking meter. An accident Monday morning just before noon in Flint took out one of the city's brand new, solar-powered parking meters.
A woman was leaving the Genesee County Jail parking lot, when she somehow drove across the lawn and…
K Dubb’s Weekend Picks!
As usual I find out the big concerts and events happening in and around Mid-Michigan and get you the 4-1-1. This week is packed with all types of concerts. Find out what show you may wanna check out this weekend!
Should The Flint Jail Be Opened? [VIDEO]
ABC 12 ran a story about the vote coming up this Tuesday May 3rd for Flint residents to open the jail or keep it closed. Mayor Dayne Walling is making one last push to get the people of Flint to support the 2 million dollar tax increase and Vote Yes. Watch the video and decide what you will do next …
Flint records two more shooting deaths
Crime is on the rise! Things are starting to get out of hand. So fa Flint,MI death toll as of 04/11/11 is at 21! Last year at this time we were at 5! We need to pull together and try and reach this generation before it's to late..