Wheelchair Race Goes Wrong [Video]
Do you remember when your mother told you do not sit in a wheelchair because it is bad luck.
Apparently this young man never has heard that from his mother and I bet that he wishes that he had.
100 Motorcycle Crashes In Asia [Video]
In Asia motorcycle crashes accidents happen everyday and someone was awesome enough to put together 100 of them for your enjoyment!
If this video doesn't scare you out buying a scooter then nothing will. Like I think everybody in this video died. (No one died in this video....I think)
Wrestling Accidents and Painful Moves
Even though I am not one of them, many people will say that wrestling isn't real.
While though some of the matches may be predetermined, the injuries and the blood aren't.
After watching WrestleMania 28 it made me think of some of the  injuries that weren't so fake.
Four Teens Involved In Golf Cart Accident
Four teens in Montrose must have been trying to have some fun or were under the influence of something.  MLive is reporting that the four teens go in a accident on a golf chart and were sent to a local hospital.  I don't know about you but it seems strange that you would use a golf ca…
‘Mass Casualty’ Air Race Crash in Reno, Nevada
A World War II fighter plane crashed at a popular Air Race in Reno, Nevada, reports the Chicago Tribune -- injuring more than 75 people and at least three were killed. The plane crashed into the stands at the National Championship Air Races at about 4:30 p.m.
According to the Chicago Tribune; the pla…
Motocross Accident Ends With Wood Impaled In Face [Video]
Just because your wearing a helmet doesn't mean you won't get hurt will riding a Dirt bike. I'm not sat you shouldn't wear a helmet but this is ridiculous! So before you decide to go dirt bike riding check out this video. Then ask yourself if it's worth having some wood impa…
Sean Kingston Hospitalized Because Of Jet Ski Accident
Sean Kingston (real name: Kisean Anderson) is being treated in Jackson Memorial Hospital's trauma ward after an accident involving a jet ski.  No specific details to the extent of his injuries have been given, but he is believed to be in serious condition.  Click below to read about w…
Lady Gaga Falls Off Piano [Video]
Ra Ra, Fa, Fa, Faaalll" Gaga takes a dive on stage. I'm not going to make too much fun of her because she does sooo many shows that it was bound to happen. In fact it's happen to the best of them. I like that she showed spirit and got back up!