The Greatest Gymnastics Performance Ever [VIDEO]
Huge ups to Gabby Douglas for bringing home the gold medal in individual performance for the USA last night and for being the first African American to do so.  But for as great as her performance was, I still don't know if it beats this performance from a Russian gymnast way back in 1972.
Armless Piano Player [Video]
This armless piano players shows no matter what your given in this life never limit yourself! Not only can guy play the piano with no arms, but he can play better than most people with arms!
I've always wanted to learn to play a instrument but I just thought it wasn't for me. That I wouldn&…
Doctors Show Trick Shots Are Not Just For Sports [Video]
Trick Shot videos have been popping up all over the internet lately.  Quarterbacks, basketball players, soccer players and even some people just doing everyday things have impressed us with their talents.  Well, it's about time things got serious!  That's why we've call…