Amusement park

6 Flags Commercial [Video]
Sometimes I just like to go back and  relive the past. Just to go back to a simpler time for me. Plus 6 flags was so cool, I'm seriously thinking about going there next year.
Guy Almost Faints On Slingshot Ride [Video]
The slingshot ride takes yet another male victim! I don't know what it is, but guy's just can't handle this ride!
Did you see the one when the marine flipped out? If a combat veteran can't handle this ride what makes you think I can? I'd rather ride the millennium force backw…
Park Ride From Hell [Video]
This amusement park ride has to be one of the scariest out there! Now there are some that really terrify me like the slingshot ride. That thing is just terrible.
I'm pretty sure the Devil had help in the development of every amusement park ride. All of them can potentially make you sick and nauseated…