$60,000 Dog Custody Battle [Video]
An Art gallery owner recently spent $60,000 of his life savings in a custody battle for a dog. Wait, like 60 grand of actual money?
OK I'm a dog lover myself but I don't know if I can part with $60,000 dollars. That's double and then some of the value of my house! Maybe I just haven&ap…
Pigs Will Fly [Video]
Three little piggies get together and try enjoy a small meal until dad comes by and shows you that pigs can indeed fly.
The funny part about this video is the small noise the pig makes when it goes flying. It's so cute!
Penguin Slap [Video]
Sometimes you don't a long video to get a laugh and this video is the perfect example.
This also shows how dirty/evil penguins are. I've never really liked or trusted penguins. Just look at them.
They look like they are up to no good.
Little Duckling Eats a Big Pizza [VIDEO]
In the clip below, a little fuzzy duckling has an unlikely nosh: a large pizza.
If this video makes you go, “Mmm, duck pizza,” you’re not alone: The YouTuber who posted the recording of his pet going to town on a loaded Pizza Hut pie actually disabled all Y…
This Bear Just Moonwalked [Video]
Russian Bear Approaches Highway - Watch more Funny Videos
This Bear was spotted walking up to locals in Russia. Watch as he Moonwalks back to the forest!
This Owl Means Business! [Video]
Ever have the feeling like your being watched?  Like there is a pair of huge round eyes just staring at you . . .  judging you . . . waiting for you to do something . . . just watching . . .

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