B-Ray’s Must Have: Edible Food Spray Paint
Don't feel like seasoning your food? Perfect, me neither! Grab a can of edible spray paint and paint that turkey in delicious gold. This is definitely a Must Have.
I say delicious gold because I don't know what flavor it is. The website is in either German or Russian which makes a lot of se…
Big Brothers Big Sisters 33rd Annual Bowling Challenge [Pictures]
Clay, Ian, B-Ray , LV and Ricky Burns show up for the 33rd Annual Bowling challenge to show this young kids how to bowl.
Even though we suck at bowling we all had a good time. You'll see more of the Town Square Media staff in these photo's. Including staff members from Cars 108 and Banana 1…
B-Ray’s Must Have: Beer Belly
Once in a lifetime man creates something that will revolutionize the way we drink  beer. This is a 100% certified MUST HAVE!
Ladies and gentlemen I give you that invention that will change millions of lives. The Beer Belly. Albert Einstein would be proud to see what mankind has done with it&apos…
B-Ray’s Must Have: Poop Soap
Go ahead and wash your hands with this bar of soap that looks just like poop!
This is a hilariously way to disgust any guest that comes over for a visit and is  officially a certified MUST HAVE!
B-Ray’s Must Have: Camp Fire Cooker
Having problems finding the perfect campfire cooker? Well you're in luck! I've found the perfect campfire cooker for you!
Now you can cook the perfect hot dog on your Camp fire cooker! This is definitely a certified MUST HAVE!
B-Ray’s Must Have: Best Doormat Ever
Have you been looking for the perfect doormat to greet your mother in-law?
Well your in luck! This is hands down the best doormat around and this a certified MUST HAVE.
I'll keep you posted with neat little things that you can spend your money on!.
B-Ray Visits Civic Park [Photos]
I took some time out to visit one of my old child hood  schools Civic Park. I have all types of memories from this place. Some good, some bad.
It's sad to see what time has done to this place.
B-Ray’s Beat Kill “Gadget’ [Audio]
Sometimes all you need is a good beat. No lyrics just the beat. I've decided toput together a little weekly article called the 'Beat Kill'.
This week beat is from a DJ named Ta-ku  and he puts little spin to the old Inspector Gadget Theme song.
B-Ray and TMG Podcast Ep.6 [Audio]
Back at it again with your weekly update with B-Ray and TMG . Quickly growing as the most popular podcast coming out of Flint, TMG's motto is that everything is permitted and no one is safe. Warning Explicit Language.
B-Ray and TMG Podcast (Uncut)[Audio]
Me B-Ray and the TMG crew (Thugmonkeyz & Gorilla) get together and give you the weekly news or what ever we want to touch on from our point of view.  The TMG motto is "No one is safe & everything is permitted" We are foul mouthed fools. The weak at heart shoul…
B-Ray’s Banned Commercials : Use Condoms
This Banned commercial was a TV ad that delivered a blunt and effective message about safe sex. They  kept it really simple.
I really don't see why this commercial was banned? It really doesn't send a bad message. Well I don't know Just check it out for yourself here. Probably one…

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