2-Year Old Baby Boy Quotes Presidents [Video]
It's true what they say about toddlers, they will soak up everything they hear or see like little sponges.
That is exactly why you have to be 100% careful what you say in front of them and not have a slip of the tongue.
It is always good to be positive in front of them and be the est role model y…
Garbage Man Saves Baby In A Runaway Stroller [Video]
A quick thinking Seattle garbage truck driver saved a baby in a runaway stroller. He was on his route when he saw a woman jogging with her baby in a stroller. She had stopped at the top of a hill and the stroller started rolling down the hill towards a busy intersection.
B-Ray’s Must Have: Baby Stroller/Scooter
This is either the most reckless or awesome way to get around as a single parent. This is one of those things were you would say "OK that looks cool" but you would never do it.
Sorta like watching a professional BMX rider or a pro Skater. It looks pretty cool and it has a nice conce…
Dad Plays 1st April Fools Prank On Baby [Video]
I'm sure we've all been pranked on April Fools Day by someone, but your Dad? The 1st time my Dad got me on April 1st was back when I was 9 years old and he told us he didn't order WrestleMania and he really did.
Watch little Caleb get his first dose on April 1st.
Clueless: Alicia Silverstone Feeds Her Son Like A Bird [Video]
So am I the only one who thinks this is weird? Clueless actress Alicia Silverstone feeds her 10-month-old son by chewing up food in her mouth then spitting it directly into his like a bird and she posted a video of it on YouTube.
Alicia posted the video on her blog claiming it's her "favorite&…
Baby ‘Gettin Jiggy Wit It’ To Will Smith [Video]
It doesn't matter if your a baby or adult, Will Smith 'Gettin Jiggy wit It' will make you dance. Let's be honest there are only two things that will make me laugh, dancing babies and fat people falling.
Check out this baby gettin down to some Big Willy style.
The Best Baby Ping Pong Player Ever [Video]
Move over Mr. Morning Roll-Out with Clay, you are no longer the best ping pong player. Meet baby Jamie, his dad couldn't keep him away from the table so he set his infant son up and let him go at it.
Not sure how old baby Jamie is, but I do know that he's already better than me at 'Tab…

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