Back to the Bricks

Rappel Down A Building This Summer For Charity With ‘Over The Edge’
The Disability Network has teamed up with Over The Edge to bring a cool event to the city of Flint this summer by giving people the opportunity to rappel down a multistory building! TDN and Over the Edge will be partnering again with the historic Durant Luxury Apartments in downtown Flint as the rappelling site...
Back to the Bricks Curfew is Real
Flint Police proved that they aren't messing around when it comes to the curfew for minors at Back to the Bricks, as they busted a dozen youngsters that were in violation of the mandate last night.
flint receives $150k for safety
The city of Flint just received $150k in grant money for public safety during events downtown.  The Crim and Back to The Bricks brings our beloved city so much excitement that is time to beef up our efforts to continue to keep everyone safe.
B-Rays Top Picks For Back To The Bricks [Photo’s]
Back to the Brick annual car show happening this week and I decided to head out and grab a few pic's. Some of you had a monster underneath the hood! Also most of you had some awkward and adorable cars. It's great to see so much spirit and love for anything in Flint. To be the murder capital of the country it's great to see us come together and share a love for the same thing, cars. Check out the p