Bad Parents

Mother Makes Daughter Fall Out Of Walmart Shopping Cart [Video]
The video shows a mom in Walmart intentionally jerking her cart so that her daughter falls out backwards on to the floor.
Concerned customers came over to the area after the mom could be heard screaming at her daughter for around 10 minutes throughout the entire store.
Dad Of The Year Hits Daughter With Inflatable Horse [Video]
Parenting is hard work, but this guy pretty much makes the rest of us look like we know what we are doing.
When you become a dad you don't get a manual or any "do not do" lists.  I'm pretty sure if you did it might have "Do not hit daughter in face with an inflatable horse", near …
Drunk Babies Are Everywhere [Pics]
These drunk babies don't have a drinking problem, they've been drinking all by themselves just fine.  Maybe its you who has the problem . . . MAYBE YOU WANNA TAKE THIS OUTSIDE!?  Try not to anger the drunk babies.

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