Michael Jackson ‘Bad’ [Kid Version]
Michael Jackson is and will probably be the most popular artist ever or at least in our lifetime, the only other artist(s) I can think of are the Beetles (sorry Jay-Z and Beyonce].
Imitation is the best form of flattery and Michael Jackson is imitated a lot.
Bad A$$ Kid [Video, NSFW]
I have always said there is no such thing as bad kids but just bad parenting.
Maybe I spoke to soon, or maybe I was right because this child has a foul mouth on him.
The worst part of this video is that he is encouraged by this behavior, so he keeps going on, acting worse.
The Best of ‘White People Rapping Poorly’ [VIDEOS]
There has long been a stigma against the white rapper.
The Tumblr blog ‚ White People Rapping Poorly‚ certainly isn't going to make things any better for Caucasians who take the mic.
Here are some of the best (worst) videos of painfully white people butchering the genre.