Michigan Businesses Cited For Not Following Pandemic orders
The Michigan Department Of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) has dropped a list of Michigan businesses that haven't been following the current pandemic guidelines.
These businesses have been hit with some massive citations for dis-obeying the current pandemic orders...
Most Bar Fights Start On The Dance Floor
A new study has found that the dance floor is the most likely place for a fight to start inside of a bar or nightclub.
There are a ton of factors that go into why, but it probably all has to do with that one guy trying to clear room so he can do the worm . . . damn I hate that guy!
Sucker Punch Leads To Murder Or Self Defense? [Video]
A very controversial video about a young man sucker punching  someone outside a bar only to be fired upon by  the guy's friends and later dieing.  Surprisingly a lot of people have mixed feelings on this shooting.
Alot of people claim it was just self defense, but is killing someo…
Buffalo Club Kicks Out Black People! [Video]
A night club in Buffalo, NY kicked out patrons because there was not "enough white people". This sounds outrageous but this happens all the time. Even in clubs/bars near you! I myself have experienced this and am glad that it's being brought out to national attention.
Grandpa Likes Big Butts And He Cannot Lie [Video]
When a drunk guy sings Sir Mix A Lot at a Karaoke bar its the most annoying thing in the entire world.  So why is it that when old man river sings it from his recliner, it might be the best thing ever?!  In the end, who cares?  Just sit back and enjoy, then get off my lawn!