Full Eminem Interview
Eminem is in Europe promoting the release of 'The Marshal Mathers 2 LP', and gave a very intimate interview to the BBC's Zane Lowe.  Not only did he give a very in depth interview, he performed a couple songs with a live band.
‘Planet Earth’ If It Was Narrated By Kids [Video]
The ground breaking series from BBCAmerica, 'Planet Earth'  made it's debut yesterday and will continue over the next four weeks.
The video and images are some of the first times that anyone has ever seen the events in their natural habitat.  You would think that with footage…
Gwyneth Paltrow Raps NWA! [Video]
Gwyneth Paltrow seems to be a really cool chick. I see her running around with Jay-z and Beyonce and her husband is Chris Martin of Coldplay. For a while not a lot of people knew she could sing, but now she's even done a movie where she was a Country Singer ("Country Strong" s…
Slut March 2011 [Video]
Slut march 2011 just took place in Toronto, leaving me asking two questions.
1. What the hell is Slut March?
2. Why don't I live in Toronto?
While I still don't have an answer for number 2, all the answers you need for number 1 are in the news report below.
Charlie Booker Exposes The News [Video]
Charlie Booker, from the BBC's Newswipe, asks the question, "Did you ever notice how all news reports seem the same?"  Then he goes on to answer that question better than anyone could have ever expected.  Check it out.