Ben Sommers Rips Slim Jesus Apart [Video]
I'm not really sure how this beef started but the battle of the "oddly looking white guys" has officially started. For some odd reason took a shot at 'Slim Jesus' and I think this will make an epic war. Honestly I think this will be one sided.
Beyonce and Rihanna Beefing?
Beyonce without a doubt is a monster when it comes to making music, but so is Rihanna. Rumor has it that they may beefing a little bit.
50 Cent Speaks On Mayweather Beef [Video]
50 cent sits down with Big boy and discusses the whole beef situation between him and Floyd Mayweather.
There's a lot of things behind the scenes that you never get to see or hear. 50 is brutally honest in this interview about Mayweather and how he acts and how he treats the people around him.
Diggy Responds To J.Cole Diss [Video]
Diggy talks about his beef with J.Cole and how this whole thing started. J.Cole apparently said some things about Diggy's sister and this obviously pissed him off.
I just find it funny that this is happening now. Diggy mentions that this happened over a year ago and just now his diss to J.Cole is jus…

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