65 Michigan Students Suspended For Riding Bikes To School [Video]
The principal at a Walker, MI high school suspended about 65 students for riding their bikes to school.
It was their last day of school, senior year, and they rode from a fitness center to the school. They were escorted by police, and the mayor even had donuts with them. Parents lined up on the 3-mil…
Amazing Bike Tricks From Andrew Dickey [Video]
'Parkour' is extremely hard, but at least there is no equipment to deal with since you are just hurling your own body around.
Andrew Dickey does 'Bike Parkour', which is exactly what it sounds like . . . suicide.
Big Wheel Drifting Is Not For Everyone [Video]
Remember when you first learned how to "powerslide" on your Big Wheel?  No doubt, you were the coolest kid on the block that day.
Well Devin and his crazy friends have taken the Big Wheel to an entire new level.
Redneck Family Drinks And Rides Bikes [Video]
This video is a perfect example of why anyone from a foreign country both loves and hates America.
Drunk dad (aka Keystone Cowboy) and son (aka Hot Rod Lincoln) are about to make their second attempt at jumping their bikes.
Watch as just about everything goes wrong.
Girls Are Not Good Bike Riders [Video]
Remember when you were young and out riding your bike with a few friends? There was that one time that you tried to do something you knew you couldn't and you flipped over the front of your handlebars.
The bad news was that you probably hurt yourself, and still had to ride the stupid bike all the way…
Girls Bike Jump Goes Very Wrong [Video]
There is a good reason that they put things like the X-Games on TV, it's because only a few people can do it.  Jumping on a skateboard, snowmobile or a bike is hard and takes a lot of practice.
That's why it makes complete sense that some random girl would think it's a great idea to try.  I mean she …
Bike Thief Chops Down A Tree To Steal Bike [Video]
I don't know much about bikes, but I hope that this bike is worth a lot of money.  It really doesn't matter though, because with the amount of effort this man puts into chopping down the tree could have easily walked to his destination.  Watch this story of determination, and hea…

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