Brandan B-Ray Jamison

How to Eat the Box [Podcast # 3]
In this episode of B-Ray's podcast with the help of our special guest Liberty Bell along with Freddie Boyd and Jeff Williams we sit and down and discuss how to properly eat the box.
You'll be surprised at how guys actually do it wrong! Luckily we have a female to tell us how it's done.
The Mindset of Flint [Podcast #1]
B-Ray along with his co-hosts Freddie Boyd and Jeff Williams give you uncensored and completely uncut opinion on recent news and hot topics.
Wanna hear how our jocks really feel? Check out this podcast! Download listen, share, and send in your questions!
TMG Podcast: SnapBacks and Tattoos (NSFW) [Audio]
TMG gets another female in the studio and we abuse our right to ask her a bunch of questions related to sex.
Make sure you check out the official TMG Facebook page to keep up to date with all the outrageous TMG material. I warn you. This is not for the easily offended...