The Brawl For All At The Mall [Video]
Pretty much in every decent size city in America the youth under 18 are banned at the mall without adult supervision, and after a certain time I believe they are banned in general. I am pretty much against this "Mall Rule" but this may be the perfect reason why this rule is in effe…
Bride Gets Punched in the Face by Cops [Video]
A massive brawl breaks out at a wedding with cops in Philadelphia that resulted in the bride getting punched in the face.
Three people were taken into custody and 1 person died  due to an heart attack. What a great way to spend your wedding day.
Sororities Brawl At Michigan [Video]
I have no clue who The Alpha Phi and Tri-Delt sororities at Michigan are, but anytime a bunch of chicks fight and it's on video...I'm entertained!!! They were playing a game of broomball (which sounds/looks boring) at Winterfest and then all hells breaks loose...check out the girls go at i…