Urban Movement Tour In Philly 2011 Highlights [Video]
Highlights from some of the best B-Boys in the world competing in The Urban Movement Tour in Philadelphia.
If you think you've seen it all in the B-Boy world you would be sorely mistaken. The moves in this tour would put most of the crews you see in America's Best Dance Crew to shame! My spine hurts …
Breakdancing Kid Gets Owned By Mom [Video]
Breakdancing is hard work.
That's why Turbo, and his friends made such a great movie about it.
To be a top level Breakdancer, you have to practice a lot.
You have to sacrifice your body, and keep pushing through any pain.
You'll also have to deal with a nagging mom who doesn't think that …
2011 Breakdance Championship Wrap-Up [Video]
The 2011 Breakdance Championship was held a couple of weeks ago in L.A. and I'm glad I was not a judge.
The Braun Battle of the Year brought out the countries best b-boy crews, and Battle Born walked away with the crown.
With all of the sewage that reality TV has put out lately, I don't unde…
“Breakin” B-Ray’s Old Dance Tape [Video]
Before I was a On-Air Personality B-Ray was a BREAKDANCE FIGHTER!!! I use to think I was the man in my red Electro Rock shirt and "S" curl lol.
I challenge anybody to a breakdance fight! Bring your friends. Bring your family. Just make sure that there's an audience present when…