Florida Man Argues and Stabs Brother Over Beer, Mac and Cheese
I do not play with my food so I understand not messing around when it comes down to your favorite dish.  However there is a line to draw in defense of your plate.  A Florida man clearly crossed that line when he argued and stabbed his brother over beer and mac and cheese.
Man Dies After Eating Cocaine From Brothers Butt
A man in South Carolina died after police said he was forced to eat cocaine hidden in his brothers butt.
(Try to read that line above out loud without laughing)
Both brothers were taken into police custody after allegations had been made that they had drugs in their car.
Slap Brother With An iPad, Theres An App For That [Video]
I know a thing or two about sibling rivalry since I am the youngest of three boys.  I've started my share of fights for no good reason, and suffered the impending beatdown because of it.
With all that being understood I would like to say that I have no idea how this happened.  It is a …
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