Bruce Willis

Looper [Movie Trailer]
Bruce Willis and upcoming actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt star in this upcoming action Sci-fi. Gordon plays a hitman for the mob in the year 2042, and the mod send him target from the future to eliminate, and business is good.
That's until one of his targets turns out to be him from the future. Then all h…
G.I. Joe Retaliation [Trailer]
The new G.I. Joe movie is on it's way and it looks like it has a brand new cast of hero's.  With the disappointment that was the last movie I would kill off my entire cast too.
Channing Tatum has been replaced by the people's champ Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson which is the …
50 Cent’s New Movie “Setup” [Video]
Search 50 Cent on imdb and you'll see a bunch of movies that went straight to bootleg dvd.  Setup might be a different story though.  It has Bruce Willis in it, and from the trailer, it actually looks like  a decent story.  Check it out.