Ranking the 2015 Oscar Snubs From Forgivable to WTF
Yep, it’s that time of the year again. The 2015 Oscar nominations are here and it’s time for everyone to get outraged and cynical over which movies get the opportunity to take home statuettes of naked golden dudes. Sure, we always tell ourselves that the Academy Awards don’t rea…
Disturbing Cake Art Is Causing Some Controversy [Video]
The first watch of this video will tell a lot about the person watching it, or at least that's what Makode Linde, the artist responsible, would like to believe.
This piece of art has been called racist, sexist, mutilation and everything in between.
Baby Gets Head Cut Off [VIDEO]
Before you get ahead of a Baby Was Not Hurt In The Making Of This Cake, it's not a real baby losing it's head! It's a cake that looks like a baby who's getting it's head cut off lol I'd eat it!