Michigan Drug Traffickers End Up in Canada By Mistake
A couple of Michigan drug traffickers screwed the pooch earlier this year when they mistakenly entered Canada by way of the Blue Water Bridge carrying a hefty shipment of crack cocaine and semi-automatic weapons. Indeed, these indiscretions have resulted in a black and white Christmas for Tyvann Whi…
Slut Walk 2011 [VIDEO]
Umm yeah it's exactly what it sounds like...Slut Walk 2011 of course it's in Toronto. This all started because a police or (mounty) told a group of women to "Avoid dressing like sluts" and that kids is how the Slut Walk began! Check it out for yourself.
Slut March 2011 [Video]
Slut march 2011 just took place in Toronto, leaving me asking two questions.
1. What the hell is Slut March?
2. Why don't I live in Toronto?
While I still don't have an answer for number 2, all the answers you need for number 1 are in the news report below.

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