The Candy Trading Guide [Video]
After a good night of Trick or Treating, you and the people you went out with are left with giant piles of candy, consisting of treats you love and hate.  The only logical thing to do is having a candy trade off, which is explained in the following video.
Coming Soon: The Girl Scout Thin-Mint Candy Bar [Poll]
The Girl Scouts have confirmed rumours of a Girl Scout candy bar after an image of Thin Mint-Nestle Crunch hybrid was posted on social news website Reddit.
But Scout supporters will have to wait until mid-year to get their hands on the chocolate bar.
Candy ‘Crack Pipe’ Smoked From Shelves In Michigan [Video]
The Lollipipe, "a candy crack pipe," has been yanked from gas station shelves in Michigan. The product is perfectly legally to sell, but drug abuse specialists see Lollipipes as too inviting.
One expert said, "It's a way to encourage young people that it's okay to smoke marijuana. In…
Parents Eat Halloween Candy, Kids Cry. [Video]
Jimmy Kimmel had a stroke of genius when he asked parents to record themselves tricking their kids into thinking they ate all of the Halloween candy.
The instant look of terror, grief, anger and every other human emotion is priceless.
Some people might say this is mean, and they are right.

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