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Charlie Sheen Roasted On Comedy Central [Video]
Former Two and a Half Men co-star Charlie Sheen was roasted by Comedy Central over the weekend and the comics involved spared nothing. The roast is set to air on September 19th, but you can see a few clips from the roast below. Roast master Jeffrey Ross and even Family Guy's Seth MacFarlane had some…
Charlie Sheen And Snoop Dogg Have A New Song [Video]
Charlie Sheen is still pimping himself on the road with his Violent Torpedo of Truth tour.  Now the "Sheenius" has graced us with another nugget from his brain, a song.  Charlie Sheen hooked up with Snoop Dogg to come up with "Winning", the first (and ho…
Charlie Sheen Booed In Detroit![VIDEO]
So Saturday night kicked off Charlie Sheen's "My Violent Torpedo Of Truth" tour and he was booed off stage! I wasn't there because I had better things to do with my time (like hang backstage with Nicki Minaj) but from what I hear, people were walking out on him all night long and a roar of…
Conan Has Proof! Jon Cryer Is A Troll! [Video]
Lost in all the Charlie Sheen madness are the normal people.   Normal people like Jon Cryer, who Sheen called a troll for not contacting him.  Well Cryer finally got a chance to comment, thanks to team Coco.
Charlie Sheen Has A Sex Tape . . . Sorta [Video]
The one thing that has remained consistent throughout Charlie Sheen's craziness is the rumor that he is terrible between the sheets. The leaked sex tape pretty much confirms that to be true. Especially when the words, "Can you call Emilio to come over?" Check it out!
Jimmy Fallon’s Charlie Sheen Spoof [VIDEO]
I understand we are all sick of hearing about Charlie Sheen and everything he's done, but this is the last time I'll post something I PROMISE!!! Jimmy Fallon made this spoof commercial which aired on his Late Night Show. Check out out
Charlie And His Goddesses w/ RAP UPDATE [Video]
If you were able to avoid the Sheen-nami last night, you are a better person that me.  Even though I know it shouldnt be important I could not look away as he let his crazy loose on 20/20.  Check him out talking about his goddesses from last night.

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