Chiddy Bang

MGK Versus Chiddy Bang – Nightclub 937′s 2 At 10
Another win for Machine Gun Kelly aka MGK and can they get win #3 tonight with 'Invincible'.
Our boys Chiddy Bang will try and stop the MGK run with 'Mind Your Manners'.
Who will you vote for?  Listen to the tracks and vote for your favorite, then c…
Chiddy Bang Vs. Club937 – Rap Battle [Video]
We had to boys from Chiddy Bang in Flint for our 'Walk For Change' and LV and I had a bone to pick with them. A few years ago they showed us up at the 810 Local Show and we had revenge on our mind.
But what we didn't know is the Chiddy doesn't freestyle battle anymore and they cha…
Chiddy Bang Performs On ‘Conan’ [Video]
One of our favorite groups, Chiddy Bang, hit the stage on 'Conan' last night to perform 'Ray Charles'.
Their new album 'Breakfast' is out now and available for you to grab, and trust me when I say you wont be disappointed.
Chiddy Bang Is Helping Kick Off Walk For Change [Video]
Tomorrow (Friday) morning, 'Chiddy Bang' will be with Club 93.7 as we kick off the 3rd annual 'Walk For Change' with the YMCA.
Chiddy Bang will also be talking about their new album, 'Breakfast' that is coming out February 28th.
Check out the video for 'Ray Charles&a…
Ashanti Versus Chiddy Bang – Nightclub 937′s 2 At 10 [Poll]
Guess who is back again tonight? That's right, Ashanti made her comeback on the 2@10 with her new track featuring Busta Rhymes called ‘The Woman You Love’ and looks to make it a third straight.
The challenger tonight is former 810 Local Show artist Chiddy Bang with a track called 'Ray Charles'.
Who w…
Chiddy Breaks Guinness World Freestyle Record [VIDEO]
My man Chiddy from Chiddy Bang who was here for our 810 Local Show last year broke the Guinnes World Fresstyle Record by rapping for over 9 hours STRAIGHT!!! I can't even put 3 bars together let alone rap for 9 hours...check out the record breaking performance in Las Vegas!