child abuse

Babysitter Caught Abusing Infant While Watching TV [Video]
A 55-year-old babysitter was caught on film physically abusing a infant while watching TV.
This video makes me sick. I've never seen someone slap a child that young before. The infant is probably only a couple of months old and here comes this witch of a lady slapping this poor kid like a grown …
Mother Arrested for Beating Her Child With A Extension Cord [Video]
A mother in Indiana was arrested for beating her child with a extension cord until he ran out the house to a next door neighbor. Why? Because he was sagging his pants at school. She has since been  released  but received a Class D felony.
Damn really? If that's the case my mom should b…
Texas Judge Beats Disabled Daughter – Sick, Disturbing [Video]
I couldn't even watch this in it's entirety, a video recently uploaded to YouTube, shows a man whip his disabled daughter with a belt, apparently for downloading games and music. The man is William Adams, a Texas court-at-law judge. And his daughter—his victim—recorded and uploaded the video.
2004: …