City of Flint

Public Safey Cuts Fee Increase
Darnell Earley revised the 2-year budget plan for the city, but it still involves plenty of public safety cuts and increases to water prices.
Flints Public Safety Cuts
The City of Flint Police and Fire Departments could be losing quite a few bodies if the proposed cuts by Flint's Emergency Manager, Darnell Earley, are put into place.
How Should I Respond to This Negative Comment About Flint?
Those who follow me on YouTube, you know my channel is all about sneakers.  Last year I visited Sneaker Con Chicago and turned the camera on to capture my experience.  This was my first time at Sneaker Con and I had a great time.  But yesterday, April 24th,213, a subscriber of mine le…
Kettering taking over atwood?
If you ever lived in Flint for any amount of time you know about Flint Atwood Stadium. Being a resident for more than 10 years, you know how the 11,000 seat stadium has been a staple for events and football games.  It seems as if the historic landmark has become too expensive for the City of Fl…
Towers Coming Down?
The landscape of downtown Flint could be in for some major changes as plans to demolish the Genesee Towers are moving very quickly.
The city of Flint has a surplus of items that haven't been used in a long time so rather than having them collect dust, Flint will be auctioning them off today to raise some money.
Flint Police VS. Weed Proposal
Flint Police will continue to make arrest for marijuana possession after approved marijuana proposal. It doesn't look like the Flint Police Department will allow marijuana possession to slide pass their handcuffs.  Many recreational marijuana users may be upset and confused.
Public Act 4 To Remain In The City Of Flint
The Public Act 4 seems to remain in place for the City of Flint.  From what I understand, Public Act 4 allows a Emergency Manager to come into the City and help restructure things to operate more efficiently.
So there has been citizens in the area getting signatures on a petition to remove Publi…