Diet Racism Commercial [Video]
I really wish this was a real commercial because I would DVR this and watch it constantly. Because this is genuine pure comedy. Also, its a little true.
The Occupy Movement Finally Reaches The One Percent [Video]
The Occupy Wallstreet movement has drawn a lot of reaction around the country from everyone, except Wallstreet.
That's all about to change as the one percent has joined together to talk about their views on America.
If you are unsure what the Occupy movement is really all about, check out this in…
Rap Battle – Hardly Working Edition [Video]
There are so many times during the course of a day that I wish I could just rap. Not recite someone else's rap that I've learned, but come up with a dope freestyle rap.  It's one of those things that everyone thinks is fairly easy, until they've actually tried it.
That's why I like what the guys at H…