Japanese Toyota Commercial With A Twist [Video]
Leave it to the Japanese to make a commercial that will leave you feeling dirty and very confused.
I don't understand why they thought this was a good idea for a commercial! This has ruined my whole day and possibly my whole week, and I sure as hell don't wanna buy a Toyota anymore.
The Creepiest Ice Cream Advertisement Ever [Video]
Little babies ice cream takes the creepiest turn in advertisement ever with this Clock Work Orange type commercial.
I don't get it, I can't understand it, I just know I kinda wish I never watched it. I'm gonna have nightmares for a week.
The Funniest Clown Commercial Ever! [Video]
This is hands down in my opinion one of the funniest clown commercials (like there's a lot of them) that I have ever seen!
Clowns are already scary looking and nothing about their outfit is funny. Combine that with a surprise birthday appearance and you've got a perfect recipe for traumatiz…
Banned ‘Red Bull Jesus’ Commercial [Video]
So I watched this new Red Bull commercial that was pulled because viewers said it was too controversial and I didn't see anything wrong? The spot comes from Red Bull South Africa's "Red Bull gives you wings" campaign, a 30second spot featuring Jesus.
What do you think?
Reese’s Pieces ‘Love Child’ Commercial [Video]
Someone please tell my why I haven't seen this commercial on TV yet? This is what I don't understand, why aren't all commercials funny like during the Super Bowl? I feel like if that was the case, more people would watch them instead of hitting the fast forward button.
Check out the Re…
Poop There It Is – Worst Commercial Ever [Video]
This might be the best/worst commercial ever, let me explain! Why is it the worst? I understand LUVS is trying to sell diapers, but come on 'Poop There It Is'? It's kind of disgusting when you think about it I mean we know why babies need diapers, what's next an adult version? Second how dare you us…

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