New Chrysler Ad With Dr.Dre [VIDEO]
First Eminem now his mentor Dr. Dre helps out Chrysler with their 300 Series. Not only is Dre in the commercial they are also making the new ride with 10 of his Beats By Dre speakers, ,now that's dope! Watch the commercial before it hits TV...I even seen Kendrick Lammar and Shannon Brown make a…
Lap Giraffe’s Are The New “IT” Thing [Video]
Let's face it, anyone who is anyone needs their very own mini-giraffe.  They're cute, they give kisses and they are way more manly than a pit-bull.  Still not convinced?  Watch the video below and I DARE you not to buy one.
Banned 2011 Super Bowl AD
Fox has banned a proposed Super Bowl ad from conservative comedy site
The spot features two bobblehead dolls: one of Jesus, arms crossed in front of him and a furrowed brow, and a smiling President Obama. Presidential music plays, and the Obama doll falls into a fish bowl, with t…