People Can’t Drive in Russia [Video]
A compilation video showing you how people drive in Russia, and it's not pretty.
Russia is famous for it's nuclear missiles, AK-47's and a lot of vodka. Now you can add a whole category to that list! Driving, terrible terrible driving...
Extreme Idiots Compilation [Video]
Idiots will be idiots regardless of what we say or do, so here's a compilation of really really dumb things.
Now you may be asking what makes this different from the fail videos? Well the people going into this video had full knowledge of how dumb they are and are willing to sacrificial their bo…
WIN Compilation [Video]
Fails happen everyday but it's a rarity to come across a legit WIN!
These are magical moments in time that are suppose to be fails but do to magic they turn out pretty awesome. In some of these videos I will admit I wanted them to turn into fails.
Fail Compilation September 2011 [Video]
If you missed out on some of the Fails from September don't worry all the best are wrapped up in this clip.
Love skate board accidents? Got em! Love car accidents? Got em? Love random feat of gymnastic talent that end in a horrible crash? got em!
And of course we have your drunks doing random stu…
Fail Compilation August 2011 [Video]
The best thing about August coming to an end is another Fail Compilation! SO if you haven't really kept up with whats been going on in the digital world last month, don't worry we've got your back.
The world would be a sad place without dumb people. Ask yourself where would the internet be without id…
Fail Compilation of July 2011 [Video]
All the top viewed fail videos in July have been squeezed together for your enjoyment! Keeping up with idiots is hard, I should know. That's why these Compilations are my favorites because really there's so much dumb sh$t going on in the world it's hard to keep up.
May’s Fail Compilation [Video]
The entire month of May wrapped up into 8 minutes of people hurting themselves trying to do stupid things.  I don't think that there is anything else to say about this video.  Enjoy!
Best 2 Years Of Internet Fails [Video]
The Best 2 years of internet fails crammed into 10 minutes is enough to make anyone's day.
Want to know a secret?  I didn't even make it through the entire video.  I just watched a guy fail at bike jumping a sleeping bum and thought, "the world has to see this." …