Conan Joins A Gospel Choir [Video]
I have to admit that I don't watch Connan too much, because mostly he just seems awkward.
He just reminds of a boy that is currently going through puberty and he suddenly asks a girl that is way out of his league on a date.
Basically he reminds me of myself in high-school, and the outcome isn&apo…
Snoop Lion Gives Awful Performance On Conan [Video]
Snoop Lion formerly known as Snoop Dogg shows up on Conan to give a painfully  awful performance that sounds like a drunk guy grabbed the mic on karaoke night.
At first I thought this was a joke. Then the horror began to set in that a rapper that I had idolized as a child is now singing Rastafar…
Obama and Romney May Have Trouble at The Debate Tonight [Video]
The presidential debate kicks off tonight with President Barack Obama squaring off against Mitt Romney.The only problem is that neither on of them are great debaters.
The current champ has been undefeated for the past 4 years. The new contender is determined for an upset. Can Obama dance around Mitt …

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