100 Motorcycle Crashes In Asia [Video]
In Asia motorcycle crashes accidents happen everyday and someone was awesome enough to put together 100 of them for your enjoyment!
If this video doesn't scare you out buying a scooter then nothing will. Like I think everybody in this video died. (No one died in this video....I think)
Real Life Ninja Escapes Death! [Video]
We joke here and there about their existence but to actually see one escape a brutal motorcycle crash unscathed, now that's a rarity.
They could be living around us as normal everyday people. Kinda like the CIA, but with ninja's. Or is the Japanese version of the CIA ninja's. So many c…
Go Kart Drivers Fight On The Track [Video]
I can't lie, I am a grown man who loves to drive Go Karts.  I don't know if I like it enough to fight another person over it though.
Tempers flare on this hairpin turn, and even though the guys get serious, it's really hard to take them that way.
Guy Crashes His New Scooter Trying To Show Off [Video]
It's all fun and games until you crash trying to show off on your scooter.
The best part is that the guy getting on his new scooter really seems to be enjoying himself.
He obviously forgot to read that last page of the manual though, where it clearly states in bold lettering "RESPECT THE…
Crazy Guy Drives Into Store Trying To Run Over His Ex [Video]
You Tube
A man in Tennessee was caught on surveillance video trying to run down his ex-girlfriend in a pick up truck.
The video of what happened is unbelievable, and luckily for everyone in the area no one  was seriously injured.
The series of events caught on tape are a must see.
Girls Are Not Good Bike Riders [Video]
Remember when you were young and out riding your bike with a few friends? There was that one time that you tried to do something you knew you couldn't and you flipped over the front of your handlebars.
The bad news was that you probably hurt yourself, and still had to ride the stupid bike all the way…
May’s Fail Compilation [Video]
The entire month of May wrapped up into 8 minutes of people hurting themselves trying to do stupid things.  I don't think that there is anything else to say about this video.  Enjoy!
Best 2 Years Of Internet Fails [Video]
The Best 2 years of internet fails crammed into 10 minutes is enough to make anyone's day.
Want to know a secret?  I didn't even make it through the entire video.  I just watched a guy fail at bike jumping a sleeping bum and thought, "the world has to see this." …