Couple Stuffs A Flaming Tampon Into Cars Gas Tank
January 7th is the day that Patricia and Quentin decided that they were going to blow up a car with flaming tampons.
They attempted to stuff the "flam-pons" (flaming tampons) into any engine hole that they could, and the gas tank.
Man Hides 10 Inch Gun In His Rectum [Video]
Michael Ward was pulled over for speeding in Jacksonville, North Carolina.
That is the only normal statement that this entire story has to offer.
Everything you read and see after this will be absolutely insane, but true!
Naked Car Thief Is Caught By Police Dog [Video]
Stealing a stretch Hummer is a bad idea, but being NAKED when you do it, only makes it worse.
The limo has a blown front tire and a parade of police following it, not to mention the helicopter!
Even with all that, nobody would have predicted the chase to end like it did.
Paco the Crime-Fighting Chihuahua Chases Off Robbers [VIDEO]
When Eric Knight adopted his Chihuahua, Paco, from a shelter five years ago, he had no idea the pint-sized canine led a double-life as a superhero.
Two armed robbers who recently tried to shake down Knight’s cigar store in Altadena, California found out the hard way. They got far enough in the heist …