Beyonce Surprises Fans At Target [Video]
Beyonce dropped her new album "4" this week and has been making the typical promotional appearances that go along with it, but when she showed up at a Harlem Target store it was anything but typical.  Check out the video of Beyonce pulling of the huge surprise.
Chihuahua’s Love To Dance [Video]
I used to think that Chihuahua's had no actual qualities.  Sure they are cute, and they can sell some Taco Bell like no body's business but what are they really good for?  The answer is actually pretty simple, Chihuahua's dance.  If you need proof just check out all the…
Flynt Flossy- Did I Mention I Like To Dance [Video]
Flynt Flossy from Turquoise Jeep Records wants to know "Did I Mention I Like To Dance"? KTJR Drops another hot track fresh off the Jeep, Flynt Flossy is not only a lyrical beast, but if you step to him on the dance floor you might just get embarrassed...
Soul Train – Nyan Cat Remix [Video]
Soul Train is an iconic show, and I'm surprised there is not more videos spoofing it out there.  I will definitely warn you up front that this video is as pointless and addicting as they get.  Enjoy, and don't say I didn't warn you.
Soldier Dances Like Carlton [Video]
I don't know the rank or name of this soldier, but I do know that he knows how to get down.  Carlton Banks himself would be proud to see his dance done on the battlefield.  He is dancing so good that you barely even notice the rockets being launched behind him! (that's a lie, onl…
Michelle Obama Teach Me How To Dougie [VIDEO]
The First Lady Michelle Obama knows how to "keep it real". Mama Obama has a youth dance program for young students called "Let's Move" she made a surprise visit to one local school in Northwest Washington this week and could resist Getting her groove on! Watc…
Monster Woo – Taking Krump to A New Level
Monster Woo demonstrating his skills in Krumping! This dude lives up to his name! I  haven't this level of skill since Tight Eyez! I love Krump it's such a powerful expression of dance. You can't tell me this dude doesn't get you Hype! If I could krump boooooooooooooy My PONYTAIL WOULD DESTROY ALL!!…
Mini-Cheer, Good Or Bad? [Video]
Watch this piece that aired on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. It's about "Mini-Cheer" which is a new craze across the country. There are huge tournaments that happen where little 6-8 year old girls compete in competitive cheer! It's serious business! What do you think ab…
Nicki Minaj Gives Steve Nash A Lap Dance! [Video]
Nicki Minaj likes to give one lucky fan a lap dance every night during her concert.  Most of the time this is just some guy that gets pulled out of the crowd.  Last night, that guy was 2 time NBA All-Star Steve Nash! (or someone that looked exactly like him).  Check out the video.
Waka Flocka Wakes Up The Baby. [Video]
Waka Flocka's beats are so hard, and just to prove it these parents showed that it can even make you dance in your sleep!  I think my favorite part is how wide awake he gets to sing the hook.  Check it out.

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