Bernie Sanders Supporter Destroy’s Fox Host [Video]
Million Student March Organizer Darletta Scruggs sit's down with Fox News Host Neil Cavuto and straight up destroy's him.
Now I love a good debate. But when someone steps in that ring and completely takes over the argument, it's as brutal watching a high level MMA fight!
R. Money Vs. Baracka Flocka
The first Presidential Debate happened last week, and I'm surprised it took this long for a musical version to get produced. Check out R. Money and Baracka Flacka get autotuned in this remix.
Politician Pulls Pistol During Debate [Video]
Two politicians get into a heated debate and one throws his shoe and pulls out a gun.
Well damn! Can you imagine if every debate was like this? How much more awesome would CNN be? Their ratings would skyrocket!
I demand Wolf Blitzer gets into a debate with Anderson Cooper. I would pay pay-per-view pri…
Piers Vs Toure Heated CNN Debate About Trayvon Martin [Video]
Things get heated on a CNN debate between Pier Moran and Toure Morgan about a recent interview with Robert Zimmerman about the Trayvon Martin incident.
Oh I love a good back and forth war. You can feel the tension between the two. Things especially get heated when Toure started to challenge Pier's re…
Rick Perry Is Not A Good Debater [Video]
Rick Perry shows off his debating skills in the Republican debate and it's not good, at all! IF you've been keeping up with the debate , which you haven't. Then you would have seen how awkward things get when Rick Perry speaks.
I haven't seen this level of stupid since George Bush was in Office. Bein…