'Jurassic Park 4' Dinosaur First Look Tease
Though we're still a year away from the release of 'Jurassic Park 4,' director Colin Trevorrow wants us to know that the dinosaurs are coming, and that some will be done with practical effects, as he's just teased a first glimpse at one of the dinos!
The Real Jurassic Park 3-D [Video]
There are two things I will never understand.
Why does Hollywood always mess up a perfectly good movie by making a sh*tty sequel?
Why is this 3-D phenomenon still going on, and besides Avatar 3-D when will Hollywood make a decent 3-D movie?
Steven Spielberg and the rest of his crew had the great idea o…
Little Boy Runs For His Life From A Robot Dinosaur [Video]
It seems like every kid goes through a phase where they absolutely love Dinosaurs.  They will play with Dino toys, read books about them and maybe even see a skeleton of a Dinosaur in a museum.
It's not until they see a moving Dinosaur that's bigger than them, that their love is put to…