Drake Went At Pusha-T During His D.C. Show [Poll]
Lil Wayne dropped his Pusha T diss track last week in response to Pusha's "Exodus 23:1". Drake was the target of that joint, so he finally spoke up during a show over the weekend.
Drizzy was in at the Washington D.C. stop on his Club Paradise when he told the crowd:
Diggy Responds To J.Cole Diss [Video]
Diggy talks about his beef with J.Cole and how this whole thing started. J.Cole apparently said some things about Diggy's sister and this obviously pissed him off.
I just find it funny that this is happening now. Diggy mentions that this happened over a year ago and just now his diss to J.Cole is jus…
Ludacris ‘Bada Boom’ [Video]
Ludacris finally fires back at Drake and Big Sean with this track 'Bada Boom'.
Do you remember when Drake said that rappers are stealing his rap style? Then he mention a line that Ludacris said in 'My Chick Bad', well that kinda pissed luda off a bit. It took him a while though to fire back. Maybe to…

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