New Nas Documentary Will Be Released in October [Video]
If you ask your favorite rapper's favorite rapper he or she will probably tell you Nas.
Nas' debut album 'Illmatic' was regarded as an instant classic and is probably in the top 10 of greatest albums of all time.
And easily in the top 5 greatest albums of the 1990's, along wit…
New jay-Z Documentary
The world is getting to go inside the life of rapper turned Mogul Jay-Z in a new Unauthorized Documentary about his life called 'A Genius Leaves The Hood'.
Dreadlock mike lives on
Dreadlock Mike was more than just a bum on the streets of Detroit, he had a lot to share with the world but just never got the chance. Now thanks to a local filmmaker his story can finally be heard.
Travis Mills: A Soldiers Story
The story of Travis Mills has been an inspiration to everyone in our community for the past year, and now his truly amazing journey is being told to the world.
Beyonce to Direct Documentary About Herself
Beyonce is a modern Renaissance woman. The singer, actress, fashion designer, dancer and new mom has stocked her resume with impressive credits so far. Now she’s about to add a documentary and director. Bey reportedly will be starring in and directing a film about her life.
Bully [Trailer]
In my book 'Bully' is probably one of the most important films of the year.  This movie jumps deep into the worldwide epidemic that's plaguing our youth, which is bullies.
This is a real problem and it happens everyday. We as parents need to address this problem head on and stop i…
Eli Porter Documentary & Freestyle [Video]
Eli porter famous for his silly 'I deed it' from the Iron Mic video has grown up a bit, and to be honest his freestyle is better than most signed rappers! How could this have happened? Eli porter wasn't suppose to be any good. I couldn't help but  laugh at how good this was! I was just waiting on th…
The Nicki Minaj Documentary [Video]
Nicki Minaj dives deep into her personal life growing up poor and finally shares it with the world. Don't feel bad for her thought. you should take her story as an inspiration for any one and everyone.
Arguably one of the worlds best rappers out right now Nicki shows a very sensitive and fierce side …
Tetris Documentary Is Amazing [Video]
Tetris is one of the only games that you can safely assume everyone has tried at least once.  It's also one of the only games that has no true champion.
That is what this documentary tries to explain.  How Tetris became the phenomenon, obsession and iconic video game that it is today.  Ecstasy Of Ord…