Kai Really Wants This Tree Root [Video]
Kai the dog only wants one thing in life, and thats this tree root. How ever impossible it may seem Kai will try and try again.
I'm still a bit baffled at why this video has close to a million views in only a few days since it was uploaded! I don't get it?
Kitten Stands up to Dog [Video]
A Brave kitten holds his ground to a huge full grown dog. In this clip I think the dog is more scared then the kitten is.
Can you really blame the dog? Your like 10 times bigger than this little kitten and this kitten is still trying to kick your ass! Cats are so bad ass.
Dog Trick ‘Show Your Weiner’ [Video]
Zeke the puppy knows many tricks, but his best was caught on tape and put up on YouTube. Any dog that can shows his wiener on command is worth owning. Check out the sweetest dog trick ever below.
Cat Vs Dog Mexican Standoff [Video]
The battle between Cat and Dog have been going on for centuries and once again they collide in this Epic Mexican standoff!
I personally have my money on the cat. Either this generation of cats have been eating steroid filling rats or Dogs nowadays are just punks. You think I just talking trash? After…
Dog Flips Out On Helium [Video]
A guy decides to take an air house that's pumping helium and points it at his dog. I tried to watch this without laughing but I can't do it! I don't know why it's so funny it just is! I will pay you any amount of money that you will at least crack a smile watching this silly ass …