Do You Let Your Dog Lick Your Face? You’re Not Alone
There is an old wives tale that tells us a dogs mouth is cleaner than a humans.
It turns out that the old wives might have been full of crap!
If you are one of the 60% who lets your dog lick you on the face, this is something you should check out.
The Family Dog Is Causing 150 Fights A Year
Did you know that the average family dog is the source for almost 2,000 fights over its lifetime?
It seems like "mans best friend" wouldn't be the source of so many arguments, but a new study finds that to be the case.
Check out a list of the top 20.
Chihuahua Dancing To DMX [Video]
Only a few thing on this planet makes me jealous and not having a dancing chihuahua is one of those things.
No matter how your day is going I guarantee this will put a smile of your face.
What Are the Top 25 Dog Names of 2011?
According to Banfield Pet Hospital’s list of the top 25 dog names of 2011, some timeless dog monikers, like “Ginger,” “Sadie,” “Coco” and “Max,” are still very much in use.…
Two Talking Dogs [Video]
Hey it's Sunday what else is there to blog about?? Why not talking dogs, everyone loves dogs. No they aren't really talking to each other, well I guess they could be we just can't understand them. Thanks to the dude who put subtitles on this video so we can figure out what in the hell…
Paco the Crime-Fighting Chihuahua Chases Off Robbers [VIDEO]
When Eric Knight adopted his Chihuahua, Paco, from a shelter five years ago, he had no idea the pint-sized canine led a double-life as a superhero.
Two armed robbers who recently tried to shake down Knight’s cigar store in Altadena, California found out the hard way. They got far enough in the heist …
Chihuahua’s Love To Dance [Video]
I used to think that Chihuahua's had no actual qualities.  Sure they are cute, and they can sell some Taco Bell like no body's business but what are they really good for?  The answer is actually pretty simple, Chihuahua's dance.  If you need proof just check out all the…