Drunk Driver

Teen kills 4 and gets probation
A rich teenager kills 4 people while driving drunk and only gets probation because of Affluenza. What is Affluenza? Well apparently it's a condition that only the wealthy suffer from in which they don't really understand the consequences of their actions. Wait what?
Eric Mays Arrested
Eric Mays is less than a month into his position as Flint City Councilor for the city's first ward.  Saturday he was arrested for drunk driving, along with some other citations including Marijuana possession.
Drunk Driver Caught With Zebra [Video]
A man was pulled over because he had a Zebra in the passenger seat and then turned out to be drunk. Well Duh!
By the way, who has a pet zebra? Is that even legal? How in the hell would you even start the process of getting a zebra? Can I just walk to a zoo and point out what I want? If so I want a Hi…
Mr. Turner DUI Driver (NSFW) [VIDEO]
There is nothing funny about being intoxicated while driving, but fact that Mr. Turner thinks he can talk to the police anykind of way is hiliarious.  Whenever getting pulled over by the police you should always speak to them with respect and the authority that they have earned. Instead, while …