Drunk Guy

Guy Slaps Cop Then Gets Beat Down [Video]
A drunk guy decides to slap a cop and pays the consequence. Kudos to the guy for having the balls to slap a cop, but the way he got beatdown was just silly.
Then towards the end the chick he was fighting with lays on top of him like he had just died! Drunk people are hilarious!
Drunkest Guy EVER Goes For More Beer [Video]
Drunk guy goes for more beer. What the first time on a drunk guys mind? Duh! MORE BEER! This guy is my new hero. I love his dedication, his drive to have more beer. Even though Legally he probably couldn't operate a door handle in the state he's in,But hes very very very very thirty for more BEER. S…
Drunk Guy Dives Into A Pile Of Beer Cans [Video]
This drunk guy, who may or may not be named Uncle Pat, decided that he would dive into a pile of empty cans.  I don't know why he would have thought this was a good idea, but it would have been so much better if he actually made it to the cans.  On a positive note, notice how majestic…