Dubstep Beatboxer Wows The Crowd [Video]
If you asked me to define 'Dubstep' I couldn't do it in words, but I would show you this video.
This street performer in Milan has the crowd wrapped up, even so much that one little girl tries to get down.
Pumped Up Kicks One Of The Best Dance Clips Ever?
Now that title is bold but Marquese Scott has got almost 6 million views  in the few weeks it's been up, could this Dubstep clip become the most viewed dance clip ever? Dubstep is just starting to get popular over here in the US, and is heavily influenced by techno but Dubstep has a twist to it.
You …
Dubstep The New Dance Craze? [Video]
Similar to Krump this dance is very powerful and just like Krump it  involves people randomly convulsing to music. Now this is more popular in europe where I believe it originated from. Honestly I don't care, but this sh$t is crazy!
Only thing I don't like about this style of dance it seems like you …
Star Wars Theme – The Dark Side Dubstep [Video]
Being the interweb guy at Club 93.7, of course I'm classified as a geek, so what better way to show off my geekiness than sharing my love of the only trilogy in my mind -- Star Wars. Here's a new twist on the Star Wars theme, dubstepping, I have heard many version of the theme from hip-hop…
Bill Cosby’s Huxtable Dubstep [Video]
When Heathcliff, Theo, Denise, Rudy and the rest of the Huxtables were doing this they had no idea about the internet.  How could they know that one of the best TV intro's ever could be made even better!  Check it out for yourself.