Epic Rap Battle

Bruce Lee Vs Clint Eastwood – Epic Rap Battles [Video]
Bruce Lee takes on Clint Eastwood in this episode of Epic Rap Battles! The 'Beast from the East' vs The Man with no Name.
I've been a fan of Bruce Lee as far back as i can remember! But, I'm also a fan of anything Clint Eastwood. After watching this video you will without a doubt …
Epic Rap Battle – Mario Bros vs Wright Bros. [Video]
Oh Snap! The Epic Rap Battles of History are back for a Season 2 and things are getting REAL! Who ya got? The dudes who invented flying 'The Wright Bros.' or the maters of the Castle 'The Mario Bros.'
Check out the Epic Rap Battle below and leave your comment for the winner!
Epic Rap Battle!! Justin Bieber Vs. Beethoven [Video]
It's going down! A match up from the world's greatest artist! Old Vs. New...
Ooooooooooh SNAP!!! Beethoven smashed Justin Bieber! I'll give Justin Bieber a few point's on his second verse, but! Beethoven is an original O.G.!!   This is the type of lyrical madness we need nowa…